The Bitter Fallen

Aerrant Thoughts (1)

"I don't like paladins."

I don’t like paladins in general, and I like this Stephen II even less. I broker an amazing deal, and he reneges on the most crucial part. What are we going to do with these remains now?

I suppose I should be happy that I was able to get the White Sun to help us assault the Gith stronghold. We also managed to deal with the Red Wizards for a net gain. That’s always a good thing in my book, although my dealings with them before now were minimal.

The question remains of what to do about the Boy‘s offer too. Being a general in his army seems tempting on the surface, but I know there’s a catch. There always is with ones such as he. He is either deluded or dishonest about what the gods have promised him. There is no way that they would allow him to rule. I don’t know what to think about about his words concerning my father. I need more time to plot a course, and time is precious. Perhaps our trip to the north will allow me the time I need.



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