The Bitter Fallen

Ick-Ben’s Blog on the Ship

The loss of the Shroud weighs upon my mind. I should have taken it from Her in the tunnels; but how was I supposed to anticipate that the Bear would show up – much less the Tiger! I knew I should have acted, but I was thinking of my crew and what was best for the success of our mission…now she is an enemy though I do respect her. Never again will I trust an ‘assassin’…

Though successful our mission was! We defeated the Gith and made ‘friends’ with Pelor’s people. We killed the Gith wizard and now sail wherever we choose with a cloak of secrecy upon us….assuming that it works as promised…

We still have the ‘Body’ on board, and now we sail to another unknown: Drackene the Hand…yet another wizard. But I am happy…as happy as I can be, that is.



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