The Bitter Fallen

Ick-Ben's Plans

Aye, my mates, it has been a great victory we have won. Now we must decide what to do. The great minds of our vessel have gotten together, and though they have determined that there is much going on in the world, we have still decided to follow the Hessian’s advice and sail to the north – at least for now.

By my reckonings of the maps we have approximately 1000 miles to sail to the icy lands of the north. At an average of 3 mph (in light winds, caravel, Stormwrack pg 98), it will take us some 2 weeks to cover that distance – assuming fair winds, good waters, no enemies, good navigation, and constant sailing.

Again, by the maps, there is a huge coast to our East. It will be hard to miss should we need to find land. Ick-Ben says, “We will take to the deep waters for now. Our ‘great minds’ (meaning Asdar and Aerrant) have agreed that we must maximize our advantage of secrecy. Therefore, we will risk the open Seas and make our escape. We will test our fortunes against the Fates. I know that this is not our time to die…not yet anyway. And when that time comes, I and we will face it as servants of the Sea! And we shall take our gold with us to the bottom to rest beside our slumbering souls…”

One question DM: How far off are these Moonshae Isles? And what do we know of them?

Depending on your answer, Ick-Ben suggests that we skip the obvious port of Waterdeep; we either hit something south or sail further north. Perhaps we can find a smaller anchorage before we get to Neverwinter. If we are to try to escape detection, then we could try for the furthermost or the most hidden port possible. At any rate, this means that we are all immediately placed upon limited rations. Everyone. No exceptions. And anyone who has any problem with this, had better keep it to himself. Ick-Ben sleeps very little and is often anywhere upon the ship at any time. He has little patience for those that are not doing their jobs when they are on duty….

Ick-Ben’s plan would be that we sail north in open, deep waters for 7 days on limited rations. Then, south of Waterdeep and west of Daggerford, we find a trading route and waylay a merchant vessel. Some of us sail into Daggerford on the merchant vessel and get what supplies we need. Then they sail out and meet The Black Cloak, where we sink the merchant vessel and continue our journey to find Drackene the Hand.

Ick-Ben to the main people: “You have many good ideas. I do not understand them exactly, but I do feel a right-ness in what you say. Still, on my ship, I give the commands [we all understand that I can be demoted from Captain if the group chooses to do so – pirate democracy]. I do not think that anything you have said changes my plans (see above). So, let us choose our watches and get the winds behind us….”




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