The Bitter Fallen


These details came to our adventurers in bits and pieces, but here lies the full tale of the Great Kige and how he became what he now is.

Champion of Pelor

Kige was once the greatest of Solar Angels in Celestia. He was the champion of Pelor for time endless. I, and two others like me who are also in my condition, won countless wars for him. He was full of emotion and energy and was a genius in war. The greatest love he ever had was for the youngest daughter of Pelor (for he had many). Aleria was the favorite of Pelor. She loved Kige and he loved her. He wanted to be with her for ages, but Pelor always demanded wars be won, always more. Kige was even able attain the greatest jewel in all the worlds. More valuable then ten great wyrms’ treasures.


Pelor still denied him his daughter. This made Kige’s heart grow colder through time. Perhaps the devils then got into his heart also, but his plan to gain her overgrew everything else. His plan was to darken her heart and to corrupt her and then to have her forever. He turned her toward what he had become over a very long time, and then she was murdered. The heavens wept for years, for she was the most beautiful that was ever known. Her body and soul was lost even from her father, it went to Belial.

What a crime that was. Kige, who had kept all this secret, was able to finally steal away to Hell and confront his new ally Belial (who he had worked with for some time to corrupt her). To his horror, Belial had turned Aleria to choosing him over Kige. She stood in Belial’s great throne room in the depths of Hell and chose to stay with Belial over Kige. This turned Kige into the darkest of souls and he swore then to destroy all that Pelor held true – Everything.


He was cast into Exile and turned to stone and much more. Three other angels fell with him and where corrupted themselves as a punishment. These are the Bear, who is cursed with an endless craving for rotted flesh, the Tiger, who drips acid from many parts of his body and the Shark, who is tormented with huge open wounds.


After years of exile, these three with the help of a group of elite dark races, working under the name Red Knives, succeeded in freeing Kige from his stone prison. Now he is building an army to finish what his revenge on Pelor.

Many support him in this task and others support him to a point, intending to kill him before he destroys the world and ride to glory and power in his wake.


The Mark of Kige is a darkened silhouette of Pelor’s sun being torn in two by an angelic figure. Even in this hate pours forth.



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