The Bitter Fallen

Why did they still pay us?

On our deal with the Pelorites

We travel on the open sea, and unlike times past, when the world was seen though goggle covered eyes, now I can stare into the glistening water with no harm. And though I love all of this, a question haunts me, “Why did they still pay us?”

We brokered a deal with Pelor: The body of Aleria, daughter of Pelor and deceased occupant of our cabin wall, for 20,000 gold and help getting the Gith off our backs. Man, Aerrant struck a nice one. I can understand they had a desire to go kill Gith, so that was easy. But it turns out they didn’t even want the body, they left it with us. They didn’t kill us and surely had the chance and they paid out the gold anyway. How ridiculous?

Why, why on earth? What do they get from it? What’s the angle? Are they are really that noble? I don’t believe it, but yet the more I turn it over that seems to be all that comes to the surface. These are strange people indeed.


Chathrin follows, “That’s what the Pelor’s do. They try to get your senses down, trust them even work with them. Then, they turn on you and try to crush you into the dust under their horse’s hooves. That is what I have always heard.”

Why did they still pay us?

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