The Tiger

the Tiger


He has black wings of feathers and no armor but his solid iron-type skin. He oozes a liquid you can only imagine is acid as it hisses and steams and causes him pain at every step
A huge sword is on his back, nearly as tall as he.

he walks up supremely confident as he looks over all of you, ’friends of The Bear is friends of mine. Well done in your battles against our long ago foe, the Filth Gith. Your bravery will be known to Kige himself and I offer an invitation to come to meet him and receive his thanks. For you also freed his friend, Hessian."

A small Devil follows behind him, humanoid, 5’, sickly, nasty looking

at that, you can look into his empty eyes and see that the tales of Kige wanting to turn this world to darkness may be true. This being’s eyes have no soul left and no feeling of mercy or the want of life. A chill runs down your spine and you think even more now that Kige has to die so that you may live


The Tiger

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