The Bitter Fallen

The World Changes Suddenly

On leaving Maermydra, the party was greeted by a man on the edge of death. He handed the party a strange dagger with instructions to give it to a wizard named Tryahl. Another drow, a deadly fighter named Opthalion pursued them on a account of the dagger but was evaded for a time.

This blade, upon closer inspection was magnificent. It bore the make of one of Pelor’s finest and at the will of its holder would transform from a dagger to a bastard sword in an instant. One mark marred its appearance though. Though our party did not yet know its history, this mark, a deep red gash running down it’s silvery blade was a curse upon the sword. This curse was performed with the very blood of the great Kige himself and was cursed for his very ruin, but that is getting ahead of things.

They reached the surface to find a world quickly changing. With larger forces quickly converging on this place. An earthquake, felt even deep in the earth, had occurred. Some said Kige had returned and the earthquake was actually Kige and a powerful Fiend of Hell falling from the sky in an entangled battle. Strange lights where seen in the sky, strange beings met.

The Island outpost was compromised. A group, calling themselves the Red Knives wanted the sword and offered a chance for our party to join, an offer never taken.

The party became attached to the Yuan-ti, a force that was silently taking over most of the dark armies in the area. It was upon this mission that the parties differences finally overwhelmed it. Dackryth and Davhorn had despised one another from the start. Now fear led the old man to remove the warrior before his hot temper was turned full against him. While Ich-ben Scouted and Chathrin and Davhorn slept in a cave the move was made. Traxill buried his dagger in the Barbarian’s back. The party instantly turned on itself with Ich-ben and Chathrin blooding Dackryth before Traxill escaped. They would have pursed if the yuan-ti had not intervened. The body of Davhorn and the unconscious Dackryth were taken with the others back to the yuan-ti lair.

It was a dark day.

Saltmarsh Beginings

This game has been going for over a year so their is a whole lot to catch up on.

It all began with a small group of Drow sent to the surface to gather intelligence, raid and bring back bounty for their queen. Their outpost was on a small island with underground passage to the home city of Maermydra and ready availability to the backwater village of Saltmarsh. This band was lead by the gruff and aged Dackryth, keeper of vermin. Other members included Chathrin, a wizard of the charming arts, Ich-Ben Hechen, the half-breed high-tempered sailor who wielded a slaver’s heavy chain, and Traxxil, an contemplative assassin. Soon another, an old ship-mate of the Half-Drow Hechen’s named Davhorn was also sent. He was rough and large and loud, and though he looked a Drow he lacked both their discretion or temperament, which we shall soon see cost him dearly.

After several successful raids the citizenry of Saltmarsh began to grow defensive. Not only the Drow but the sahugin have attacked and the Lizardmen have proved quite a problem. It is no surprise that Pelor Knights had staffed up the area and a drow hunting elf has been brought in to eliminate our part of the problems. With the growing restrictions our little party became determined that their success lay further down the coastline, but a ship will be necessary to accomplish such a feat.

They worked of up a plan, and dragged a Pelorian cleric in chains along with the bounty to their queen deep below. This is where things began to turn for them. The queen generously supplied them the resources to acquire a ship, though some unknown faction of assassins watched them keenly wherever they went.


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