Bronze Knight

The Bronze Knight, Maedhros, is an ancient enemy of the Artrox Family and battled against its patriarch. According to the Bear, Artrox did not die by Maedhros’s hand. He is a highly charismatic male human warrior who looks to be around 20 years old after being returned to life in some fashion. He wears archaic bronze full plate and wields a beautiful longsword stained by blood. He rides a nightmare into battle.

Ich-Ben and Chathrin agreed that we would release the first knight / squire of Pelor that we met and tell them that the Bronze Knight had returned from Darkness and rode again.

The Bronze Knight was also responsible for bringing Aerrant to the party, as Aerrant arrived on Maedhros’s nightmare mount.

== Conversations ==

= Our Promise =
’’’Maedhros:‘’’ ‘’Very well, consider this plain onyx ring a symbol of my friendship. I hope to meet you all again on the field of battle soon. I hope you are on my side. I also have a gift, like I promised. My people give gifts. You should take up that tradition. I believe this man that you will soon meet traveled with drow. If he is an enemy, so be it. Treat him as you choose. Just consider this a gift. But, you must promise to release one of the first knights of Pelor that you meet (a squire or the like) and leave him with the message that Maedhros the Bronze Knight has returned from Darkness and riding again. Is that too much to ask?’’

’’’Ich-Ben:‘’’ ‘’I broach no opposition. In fact, my presence has greatly diminished.’’

’’’Chathrin:‘’’ ‘’No, we can free a squire to spread word of your return if you like. We would honor your friendship. Better that then enemy. I would like to know your story some day if that day comes.’’

’’’Maedhros:‘’’ ’’I’m sure you would like that story. Maybe you will get it.’’

== Relationships ==
*An ancient enemy of the Artrox Family
*Rode away with Carcus on a nightmare
*Was in a crypt with The Bear

Bronze Knight

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