The Black Cloak

Current Positions:

1) After the Battle of the Gith Island:

We are located at the word ‘Sea’ of the ‘Sea of Swords’.

DM: I think I will go w/ the Faerun map for the game w/ the nations not necessarily the same. Look at this link (and can this be saved to the OP?) and click on the upper left section. You guys are on the word ‘Sea’ on the ‘Sea of Swords’ part. (the Islands of Moonshae are much further west in our world than on this map, that’s one difference).
The names have been changed to protect the innocent, but just to give you an idea. This continent is HUGE, so travel takes time. Anauroch, the desert to the north, is where the Shade civilization was 1,000’s of years ago when it was sealed away by the powers that be.
And, most any god from Faerun or the PH is acceptable. I mean, why not go w/ a world that is so well created when you can.

The Black Cloak

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