Saltmarsh Timeline

An inverted timeline, so the newest stuff is always added to the top

== Present ==

  • Mission: Gather information and supplies at Alaor
  • Mission: Sail to Alaor
    • Sazaar, a female tiefling, comes aboard
    • Attacked by a group of devils (Bone and Barbed) – kill both, Asdar willingly uses the red dagger.
    • Ropes cut in an act of sabotage.
    • Discovered a sailor with some form of magical compulsion upon him
    • Attacked by 4 sky raiders, some form of fey – one is killed, one is taken captive
    • Attacked by plagued dire rats
  • Mission: Aleric wants us to capture a ship
    • Chathrin and Asdar attacked when returning to shore for the rest of the crew
    • The ship is now under our control
    • Found a dead prisoner that had been tortured by another gith
    • Captain got away in spite of Ich-Ben’s efforts
    • Killed two githyanki on board the ship
    • The Gith had a drow prisoner on board. It was taken with them.
    • The Gith had only taken the ship 2 days ago, taking all the wealth meant as tribute to the Yuan-ti.
  • Mission: Assist in the raid on Saltmarsh
    • Sunk two ships during the raid
    • Asdar, under compulsion of the red dagger attacks and kills some sort of dark outsider
    • The party escapes town in a hurry
  • Cut-scene: The Knights of Artrox obliterate a group of Yuan-ti while we watch through the crystal ball.
  • Mission: Asdar leads a party to meet a group of drow
    • Before meeting them, a party of Half-Fiends attack killing all but Vharuse
    • Asdar negotiates the safety of Vharuse by promising safe passage to the Half-Fiends
  • Mission: Asdar hunts down and kills an Ogre leader

== Five Years Ago ==

== Ten Years Ago ==

== Twenty Years Ago ==

== Fifty Years Ago ==

== Ancient History ==

Saltmarsh Timeline

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