The Bear

A cursed angel, reduced to a goblin-like creature now. Claims he used to be a great warrior but had a dream about Kige and decided to follow him. Part of his curse is to eat rotting meat with a ravenous hunger. He said he was cursed by his God for following Kige.

He appeared during our battle to return to the ship, when the Fiendish hunters and Traxxil managed to find us. His presence allowed us to escape.

At the defeat of Yarshag, the Bear visited us, and we received a vision of what the Bear looked like before the curse.

He fought and was injured by Oolash, and we found him hiding in the crypt with Carcus.


A Vision of What Was

‘’A beautiful, yet sad, angel of a man with white feathery wings also walks out beside him (the pet). You know it to be the Bear, perhaps in his old form, as his eyes are still black. His armor of the olden days is back to shiny and beautiful. He wields his mace and looks on in all of your directions. Not menacingly, but as if saying, “Do something; start something.”’’

‘’The Bear seems really uncomfortable / in pain in this ’old’ form and he relaxes just a bit to ease the pain, and the old / hideous form that you are used to returns immediately (though his beautiful white wings remain).’’

The Bear’s Curse

The Bear informs you that the Artrox family is coming together from the edges of the world for this war against Kige and that it will soon become evident.

’’’Carcus:‘’’ ‘’They are a mighty and wealthy family. Many great men will follow them.’’

’’’Szan-tee:‘’’ ‘’Artrox against Kige.’’

’’’Bear:‘’’ ‘’My story is more of a sad story, a curse and a blessing. I will tell you of my dream of Kige, waking up like this and that I was once great among my people.’’

‘’Long ago in my life it seems now, I was a leader of warriors. Kige the great fallen angel visited me in a dream and told me his story so that I may tell those that I see in my travels. Once those hear his story, they will be given one chance after that to swear utter loyalty to him or pay the price. Do you wish to jump into the river and hear of my dream and his story?’’

’’’Szan-tee:‘’’ ‘’…now that is a tall order…’’

’’’Ich-Ben:‘’’ ‘’Not me. Not now. I only want to kill this druid…’’

’’’DM:‘’’ From all of us, me included

’’’Szan-tee:‘’’ ‘’So, is your life the price paid for not swearing?’’

’’’Bear:‘’’ ‘’Hehehe, my life is for my sins against my god for following the Great Kige.’’

’’’Chathrin:‘’’ ‘’Will you be the one to make us make that decision? Or will that happen in the future?’’

’’’Bear:‘’’ ‘’It will not be me and it may not happen for a long time.’’

’’’Ich-Ben:‘’’ ‘’You all play with your souls too freely. Once mine was regained from those evil tyrants below, I will not let it go again so easily…’’ (Ich-Ben’s not a religion major… by the way).

Chathrin seems hesitant as well, though a bit intrigued.

’’’Szan-tee:‘’’ ‘’This voodoo is more than I can take as well… I agree with Ich-ben; let’s go get this druid.’’

’’’Ich-Ben:‘’’ ‘’Words are easy. I only trust those whom I have seen do deeds. Let us rest and prepare for battle… I am soon to coat my chain with the blood of red…’’

’’’Bear:‘’’ (laughing) ‘’Perhaps you are wise yet. The river is deep and swift, and the rocks are sharp.’’

The Bear

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