the Black Cloak

Our little, beloved ship we beat down the Gith to claim.

DM to Ick-Ben Hechen Aboard the Black Cloak:

You have been looking throughout the ship for a half hour or so as Vharuse and the others talk with the crew. You are learning it quite well and are still amazed at how a ship can sail so well. It’s easily the most complicated ‘machine’/‘item’ you’ve ever seen or will ever see most likely.

Anyway, after that 1/2 hour or so of searching, it clicks in your mind (that Wizard did spend a whole lot of time in the Cabin, didn’t he…). Almost too hurridly, you make your way there and look about. The door has been mostly repaired and the burnt wood (on the left side of the cabin as you walk in) has mostly been replaced. Otherwise, it looks like a normal Cabin. The kid is tied and bound and gagged in the corner at this point unless you say otherwise. No one else is in the room.

Upon further, very close inspection, some of the wood (that is on the right side and near/on the water side (make sense?)) doesn’t look right. It seems to shimmer just a bit, not quite real. You go in for a better look…. A powerful Illusion is part of and behind this wood. You search for traps and notice the beginnings of a powerful trap spell that was never finished (thankfully).

You pull some of the planks back and they snap off as if they had recently been removed and then quickly put back. To your amazement, you see a 5′ × 5′ extra-dimensional space (some of which extends out to where the ocean would have been). It appears to be some sort of rudimentary incubation room w/ goop and slime on all five walls (there is no wall on your side). Incased in the goop are pieces of large humanoid finger nails (about 8), very long golden blond strands of hair (20 or so), and three fair-complected strips of skin.

the Black Cloak

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