The Boy

Little is known as fact about this child of approximately 8 years of age. Rumors, as exaggerated as they can be, state that he is the bastard son of Kige and a noble woman from the House of Artrox. The child brought a curse to that house the day he was born. They could not control the ill omens following him or his unnatural wildness. So, seeing he could not be controlled, was exiled into the wilderness at the age of 7, a bold and brash move from such a powerful House. Others tried to contain him, or even kill him since that dark day. None have been successful. He was recently spotted at a run-down keep deep in the forest with a group of death clerics. Was he leading the group while they created undead? He stepped out of the keep to kill two prisoner with just his touch. They soon rose as Zombies.

The boy came to Aerrant in a dream, offering protection from Aerrant’s father. The offer was made, but the boy will return at an unknown time to receive the answer.

While aboard the White Sun, the Boy visited Aerrant again. He seemed uncomfortable on the ship, but his business took precedence. He informed Aerrant of Kije’s contingency plan involving the gate the Shades would enter the world through. He also mentioned Aleria’s necessity in sealing the gate. Unlike the previous visitation, this was not a vision or lucid dream. Our sealing of the gate will affirm our agreement to the Boy’s offer.

The boy also appeared to Ich-Ben.

Ich-Ben prompted Aerrant to give the Boy a name, so we shall call him Mordred.

The Boy

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