Lizard man leader, Druid. He controls giant wasps among other beasts. He lead the remaining lizard men warriors after defeat in the battle against Pelor’s knights and against the ‘strong suggestion’ of Aleric the Yuan-ti leader. Now Yarshag and his small group are being hunter by Knights, Elves, and a group of Aleric’s men lead by Ick-ben, Chathrin and Szan-Tee.

It is thought that Yarshag is hindering the recovery of Davhorn’s Reincarnation by willfully withholding power to that powerful Druid spell. The drow are hunting him to kill him or return him to Aleric to forego the power over Davhorn.

He wears black dragon hide armor, wields a scimitar or club and a shield and has a vermin beast as a companion. The vermin companion was possibly killed or lost in the final battle against the knights of Pelor.

The party engaged and killed Yarshag after a protracted battle.


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